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Andy's TNA/LNN News Stories is pleased to provide my reporting section where you can read four articles published by The New American Magazine, three that I authored. The rest are my video news reports for TNA (which absorbed their own Liberty News Network in 2014). Many of my stories address internal government misconduct, security compromises within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security going over several presidential administrations, as well as highly questionable prosecutions. More to be posted in the future. Don't forget to check out my video center, which features my Congressional and tv news appearances, as well as my podcast The Andy Ramirez Show. Thanks for viewing and stay tuned...

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Andy's TNA News Stories: Fall 2013 - 2017

70. In this latest story, Andy Ramirez reports how President Trump backpedals from his campaign cornerstone of eliminating Obama's DACA, another form of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, and will maintain the status quo for so-called "Dreamers". This story comes off an AP interview of Trump, and CNN interview of DHS Secretary Kelly. NEW

69. Department of Homeland Security expert Andy Ramirez profiles President Trump's nominee for CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. Is Trump "Draining The Swamp" at DHS, or is the latest Commish just going to be more of the same that served under Bush 43 and Obama. NEW

68. In this part 1 of 2 series, Department of Homeland expert Andy Ramirez explores the recent reports that thousands of border agents are going to be hired “as soon as practicable.” Secretary Kelly assures the American public that despite the call for a mass hiring, standards will not be lowered. According to a recent article by Foreign Policy, all signs indicate otherwise. NEW

67. In the finale of a 2 part series, Department of Homeland expert Andy Ramirez looks to a similar time in recent history when DHS was executing mass hirings of border agents. Due to a ripple effect of this action, thousands of under qualified agents were hired and hundreds of investigations were swept under the rug. Today, General Kelly assures the American public that a compromise of standards won’t happen with the current call for adding 5,000 more border agents, but how do we know that? - NEW

66. In his latest TNA Report, Andy Ramirez conducts an "Exclusive" with an anonymous infrastructure expert and border resident. They discuss the facts about what is really needed when it comes to the "Trump Wall". Not only why the physical barrier needs to be completed, he also emphasizes that it needs to be maintained... - NEW

65. Andy Ramirez latest TNA story an exclusive interview with retired USBP Agent & former Sierra Vista (AZ) City Councilman Tom Crosby as we address the SW Border with that "failed state" neighbor Mexico. We also get into some inside details about the Border Patrol and how some determinations are made...

64. Andy Ramirez latest TNA story reporting what challenges are ahead for DHS' Incoming Secretary Gen. John Kelly from Obama's highly questionable funding of illegal aliens and so-called "Refugees" to previously approved Border Security Infrastructure Projects including SBI & the Border Fence...

63. Andy Ramirez TNA story outlining POTUS-Elect Trump's Nominee for DHS, Gen. John Kelly and where he stands on terrorism, narco/human trafficking, and illegal immigration...

62. Andy Ramirez TNA story on POTUS-Elect Trump Nominates Senator Jefferson Sessions (R-AL) as U.S. Attorney General...

61. Andy Ramirez Reports on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Election Loss, and Possibilities in a Trump Administration...

60. Andy Ramirez TNA Story on BP Agents Union Endorsing Pro-Amnesty Congressional Candidate...

59. TNA's Andy Ramirez Reports - ICE Council (Union) Endorses Trump; Blasts Hillary Clinton's Immigration Policy

58. Andy Ramirez Reports for The New American on DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson's rebranding of Homeland Security. It doesn't get more preposterous than this...

57. TNA National Correspondent Andy Ramirez Reports on the DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Harvard Speech That Defines the Obama Admin Policy on Illegal Immigration

56. Andy Ramirez Raises Questions in his latest TNA Report on the new USBP Chief/Assistant Commish Mark Morgan

55. TNA National Correspondent Andy Ramirez Reports on a new USBP Award that Compromises Agents Safety to "Win"

54. TNA National Correspondent Andy Ramirez Reports on Little Sisters of Mercy Suit on ObamaCare. What Justice Sotomayor says defines government tyranny

53. This is Andy's story about how New Mexico's boot heel has been overrun by the cartels yet again

52. In this TNA story, Andy addresses a report on illegal immigration that claims how illegal aliens are leaving the US, also exposed is who put this study together, and why it's just more propaganda

51.This is Andy's TNA story about Obama's non-existent refugee background checks and the contradicting policy on numbers

50. In this TNA report by Andy, we learn that the U.S. Government is not performing background checks on Obama's "Refugees"

49. In this Exclusive TNA report by Andy, we learn about the San Bernardino CA Terror Attack

48. In this TNA report by Andy, we learn that the Obama Administration is contradicting itself on the Syrian "Refugee" screening process

47. This is Andy's TNA Expose on Reps Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz (focus is primarily on Issa)

46. This TNA report by Andy ID's Candidates to replace Boehner as Speaker of the House of Reps

45. This is Andy's Exclusive Interview of fmr Rep Bentivolio's campaign for Justice For Our Veterans

44. Andy Ramirez' TNA Report on why Rep McSally's DHS Bill won't do as analyzed by DHS Whistleblower

43. This is Andy Ramirez News Story - Juvenile Illegal Aliens Serving as Drug Mules

42. This is Andy Ramirez TNA Story on Trade Promotion Authority, an executive power that Congress can grant President Obama in regard to negotiating trade agreements with other nations, as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which President Obama would use his executive authority, if granted, to negotiate with currently 11 other nations in the Pacific Rim

41. This is Andy Ramirez' TNA Report on the UK Immigration Referendum

40. This is Andy Ramirez' Story on Oregon's Voters Denying Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens

39. This is Andy Ramirez' Report on the 2014 U.S. Election Implications

38. This is Andy Ramirez' Exclusive DC Interview of Steve Salvi from OJJPAC re: S744 Amnesty Bill

Andy's LNN News Stories: 2010 - Summer 2013

37. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez interviews retired veteran about DHS (Part 1 of 2)

36. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez interviews retired veteran about DHS (Part 2 of 2)

35. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on DOJ/NSA & how Patriot Act's FISA Surveillance has crossed the line. NSA: "No Reasonable Right to Expectation of Privacy"

34. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on DHS' Ordering Agents to Obedience

33. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on Obama's DHS Sequester Cuts

32. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on Obama's Idea of Border Security

31. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on the Romney Border Security Plan

30. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on DOJ's Statement One Year After BP Agent Terry's Murder

29. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez' National Exclusive Expose on Acting CBP Commish David Aguilar. Agents instructed that Illegal Aliens NOT BP Agents Priority & Go To ICE if they think otherwise

28. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on DEA's laundering of money for MX Drug Cartels

27. *Andy Ramirez LNN report on DOJ sealing the Terry & Diaz cases: Cover-up in full swing?

26. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez compares Agent Diaz's case with several others

25. *LNN National Correspondent Andy Ramirez reports on DOJ's case flaws against Agent Diaz

24. *Andy Ramirez appears on Fox News with Megyn Kelly to discuss BPA Chito Diaz' case

23. *Andy interviews BP Agent Diana Diaz to discuss Chito's sentencing hearing for LNN

22. In Andy's latest exclusive report, he exposes CBP Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar as an person akin to the infamous "Baghdad Bob" of the Saddam Hussein regime given the years of Aguilar's misinformation and doubletalk.

21. In Andy's exclusive interview with retired BP A-Chief Kent Lundgren, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers they discuss the Border Patrol, DHS, Legacy INS, & Obamnesty. It's a straight forward, candid interview with a patriot who tells is as it is!

20. In Andy's newest report on the Border Patrol also addresses a Congressional bill H.R. 98. This sizzling reports features exclusive obtained footage of David Aguilar discussing the bill and amnesty. Does he support it or not, you decide!

19. In Andy's report on the failure of DHS to secure the borders, Andy reports from Port Huron, MI at the U.S. - Canadian border. Andy talks about illegal immigration, smuggling, and how it happens in this part of America.

18. In Andy's report on the U.S. vs. BP Agent Jesus Diaz case, I am joined for an interview by Jesus wife' Diana and his brother Luis to discuss the bond hearing and update us all on this case of unbelievable injustice. Just when you think a clear cut case of government misconduct can't get worse, it does. Yet further proof our justice system is not too far from how things are in Mexico and elsewhere.

17. Andy's report on the bogus prosecution against Border Patrol Agent Diaz --- In this story, we know that Shawn Moran, NBPC (agents union) spokesman, called into the Roger Hedgecock radio show and attempted to sabotage the Diaz family efforts to seek justice but contradicted himself admitting the case is an overreach. However, we examine Moran's role as official union spokesman and a few other things. You won't want to miss this latest report.

16. Andy's report on the bogus prosecution against Border Patrol Agent Diaz --- In this story, Shawn Moran, NBPC (agents union) spokesman, calls into the Roger Hedgecock national radio show after Roger interviewed Mrs. Diana Diaz. Moran than contridicts himself repeatedly and tries to sabotage Diaz' family efforts to seek justice for the questionable prosecution, which was pressed for by Mexico. Mrs. Diaz is given her chance to respond to statements by union officials afterwards. It's a stunning development that you won't want to miss.

15. Andy's update on the Diaz case --- Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz was prosecuted by the government after receiving a complaint from the Mexican Government. In this exclusive report, Andy examines the case and where BP agents' legal defense fund dues go. Where you ask? PORAC, or Peace Officers Association of California, provides legal defense while paying out massive amounts to pro-amnesty/open borders politicians throughout California including the California Democratic Party. Yet, the union is not going to help Diaz beyond PORAC. This shocking story, continues to get worse.

14. Andy's breaking national news story--- Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz was given 10 years in prison for pulling on the handcuffs of an illegal alien doper. Johnny Sutton started the prosecution, which was finished by Obama's Justice Dept. How did this happen? Request by the Mexican Consulate in Eagle Pass, TX. Andy interviews Diaz' wife Diana, who has been a BP agent for 15 years. If this story does not leave you outraged, consider this. A BP agent doing his job will be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 10 years, while the doper got immunity and a free pass for smuggling dope into the US.

13. Andy's latest report on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Not only is there a cover-up in progress, but could there be corrupt agents involved in the murder?

12. Andy's report on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. U.S. Sen. Grassley gets involved as ATF Whistleblowers provide documentation about DOJ & ATF engaging in a cover-up.

11. Andy's report on the Congress - key committees/chairman who will have oversight over DHS & DOJ until 2013. Border security, & illegal immigration, as well as corruption is addressed.

10. Andy has a frank interview with Congressman Steve King about DHS, border security, & illegal immigration

9. DHS' A Culture of Sexual Predatory Behavior, Condoned & Hushed Up!

8. BP Agent Terry, Murdered in the Line of Duty, Betrayed Before Laid to Rest.

7. Andy compares Michael Chertoff's conflict of interest with the full body scanners with Silvestre Reyes' border cameras/sensors.

6. Andy reports on ICE latest deportation numbers. Manipulated or actual? You decide.

5. Andy reports on CBP Commish Alan Bersin's recent statements at a controversial El Paso Border Conference

4. On Andy reports on the latest San Diego Border Tunnel, & 30 Ton Dope Seizure....

3. Andy on Gulf Coast Security & Other Key Issues... Part 3 of 3

2. Andy addresses issues he'll cover as National Correspondent for the Liberty News Network...Part 2 of 3

1. Andy is interviewed about his new role as National Correspondent for the Liberty News Network... Part 1 of 3

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