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  Andy addresses Moorpark CRA Andy Ramirez, Advocate

Welcome to Andy Ramirez' official website and our issues section. Over the years Andy has appeared in a number of publications, radio shows, and tv news programs. He was also nominated for the CA Legislature in the mid-90s. With such participation a number of his positions on issues have been well documented over the years.

However, some of these issues need to be elaborated on beyond the scope of an FAQ page. Andy continues to actively discuss the issues of the day and take positions not always popular but based on a combo of beliefs and facts. Soon you will have an opportunity to read these often controversial positions, and we'll continue to add more over time.

Click on the links below to read my positions on the following issues:

  • Economy / Trade & Commerce

  • Education

  • Homeland/National Security including the Borders & Immigration

  • In-Justice Department

  • Judicial Reform

  • Thank you for your interest.


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