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  Andy Ramirez, Advocate
Andy Ramirez, Advocate

Welcome to my FAQ page. Here I can answer many questions about politics and myself. Please feel free to submit your questions and I will address them here.

These are the questions I receive most often. The answers follow.

1. Why did you get involved in the secure borders/anti-illegal immigration issue?

Well, I was originally on the opposite side of the issue. Being as young as I was at the time, I was seeing things as a color/race issue, and lacked the experience to understand the legal and economic impact that was taking place in 1994 dollars. Since then, I've learned it's not a race issue. Yes, for some it is, but not others. The fact is that the reason we have seen this problem worsen to the current crisis is that our politicians are hellbent on assisting the breakdown of US Sovereignty. In fact, both parties political leaders have betrayed America and the blood spilled by our soldiers in defense of our nation. The Feds refuse to reimburse the States, while the corporations put profits over safety, many unions want to build their member rolls, and others still "reconquista." It's not 1850 anymore, it's 2009. As such, get with the current time. If people really want to help the impoverished people of Mexico (and elsewhere), how about demanding economic, humanitarian, political, and social reforms and if that offending government refuses, than impose and maintain sanctions until they do. Handouts placed on the backs of US taxpayers does not cut it. Most illegal immigrants want a better way of life, within their own nation, and don't even assimilate into the culture here, let alone leave their families for dangerous journeys. However, our gov't panders and in the process has betrayed America. How many more 9-11s will it take? How many more American lives will be lost? How many more hospitals/ERs must be closed? How many more Americans will be without jobs? So when you ask me why, it's simple, members of the Armed Forces are dying in defense of our nation, and many law enforcement officers are doing all they can to protect our country, I owe it to those sacrificing their lives, and most importantly to my own family to do all I can to protect our nation and try to maintain some form of what President Reagan called, "that shining city on a hill." (More at my other websites - see Home Page Menu)

2. Have your ever run for or held political office?

Yes, In 1994, I was Nominated for the office of Member of the California State Assembly at age 26 by the Democratic Party. I was also elected as Chairman of the California Democratic Party, 60th Assembly District, at age 25. I was the youngest in California political history to hold that position. For more info check out my news clips page.

3. What is your political party?

I am a Conservative Constitutional Republican. To see why I registered from Democrat to the GOP check out my press clippings page for the story.

4. What issues do you believe in?

Beyond the national security issues that are well documented, I believe in less government. I have authored an overhaul of the State Constitution and reforms of the CA State Legislature and budget process. I have also provided several suggestions for federal legislation pertaining to the Departments of Homeland Security. I am an advocate of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. I have been in favor of the death penalty though working many of the cases I have, I know it's not a simple issue and must be taken on a case by case basis. When you've seen as many botched up federal criminal prosecutions with the trumped up charges by U.S. Attorneys and lies that I have, you'll see why its' application must be taken individually. It's just not as simple as pulling a lever. It's high time the government remembers they work for the people and are accountable to the taxpayers.

5. Have you written any laws?

In 1995 I authored the California Legislative Reform Act. It was later introduced by CA State Senator as Senate Constitutional Amendment 31 in 1996. I also authored the California Public Accountability Amendment (CALPAC)which was submitted as Initiative 794 at the CA Secretary of State's office. For more information click on the link. In additional to submitting proposals for policy briefings, I've briefed Members of Congress, key Congressional Committees, and law enforcement managers, as well as testified as an invited expert witness before Congress and the CA Legislature.

6. What does it take to run for political office?

More than anything else it takes the ability to organize, though perserverence is just as important because elections often get extremely personal. It's important to understand that most politicians that hold major office have to show the ability to write the big check. Having the ability to raise money is what they say you need. But since the viability of a candidate is determined by the State and National leaders, that is nonsense. The leaders of the State and Congress determines who gets what money donated by the big donors.

7. What is the biggest problem in politics?

The biggest problem is not even voter apathy. It is the complete lack of accountability and contempt for the public due to arrogance and the culture of corruption Congress has failed to expose and put an end to. The Executive Branch does what they want, Congress does the minimum. Many MSMs in the US today could be rightly seen as fronting for a "propaganda ministry" due to the lack of real coverage they provide. Unfortunately political leaders live like Kings and Queens, and as several recent presidential administrations have demonstrated, they ignore the oath to our Constitution they swore to uphold. I agree that the politicians should live by the same laws passed and applied on average citizens.

8. How can I get involved in politics?

Research the positions, get to know the issues of your community, and regions, including state. Do you have the money available? Are you willing to stand up for your beliefs and principles? Are you willing to sacrifice time from family because pols do lose family time. If you have kids, can they go through a brutal election? Do you have the help at home to run an election and a household? Can your family handle the stress? Next, look at local office first because things move too fast for a novice to think they can learn on the job. Name recognition does not hurt either. I have been through some of the nastiest battles with executive branch figures as well as in my home State of California. Start small, and remember, just because your friends and associates know you, or you've done a few interviews, that does not make you a household name. Arnold Schwarzenegger won because it was a fluke of an election and he had both the money and name recognition to pull it off. Knowing a few issues is not enough either. There is a lot more to governing as all officeholders learn very quickly, case in point Arnold when he became Governor. TV and movies make it look easy, but it definitely is not. Reality check is that you are responsible for real lives, not the fictional ones you see on the screen. So think long before doing something that either you and/or your family can't handle and can eat all of you alive. Local city commissions or political party central committees are a good start.

9. Who are your political heroes?

My heroes are founding father Thomas Jefferson who wrote many of the documents that our nation was built on, including the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He was our 3rd President. What would the world be today without Ronald Reagan? Truly the great communicator and liberator. He restored America's pride. His greatest contribution as Governor of California was signing the Wedsworth-Townsend Act, which established California's paramedic program. This program has saved lives including members of my own family. Presidents Reagan and Jefferson are among societies greatest leaders. On the flip side it took George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama to destroy what took 225+ years to build. Many consider them to be America's worst leaders.

10. What is your favorite quote?

The late US Senator Robert F. Kennedy often said, "Some men see things as they are and say, Why. I dream of things that never were and say, Why not." Yes, it is odd for a Conservative Republican, but it's an expression I believed before I ever knew what a (D), (R), Liberal or Conservative were. Of course having worked on government reform and other issues since 1992 I've long agreed with our 40th President Ronald Reagan who often said, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government IS the problem."

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