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Welcome to Andy Ramirez' official website and our Federal Courts Center. Our Federal Courts are a complete disgrace. On this page you'll learn about some of the highly questionable goings on within the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals District along with Historical Warnings of how our court system was set up to be tyrannical. The time is now to end the lifetime appointments of Federal Judges and hold them accountable.

Thank you for your interest.

Hamilton vs Jefferson on Federal Judges

Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 78

Thomas Jefferson Letter to James Pleasants

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Judge Spencer Roane

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Thomas Ritchie


Statements on the Federal Courts

Andy's Letter to then-Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner re: the Federal Courts

John Cavicchi's Speech at the 2008 FOBP National Conference in Houston, TX

Attorney John Cavicchi's Resignation from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Andy's FOBP Cover Letter to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Acknowledgement of Andy's Complaints with the Federal Courts

Andy's Actual Complaints Re: 11th Circuit Court Judges to be Posted in the Future


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