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Quotes from California's Leaders

Welcome to Andy's Quotes from California's Leaders Page. This page was created to share some of the many comments made about Andy during his political career, which began in California in 1992. Thanks to so many who have been supportive over the years.

"On behalf of Republicans throughout California, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you into the Republican Party. Our Party is the Party of ideas; we are the Party that is moving America forward and revitalizing the American dream. The GOP revolution that swept the country last November (1994) is just getting underway. The Republican Party needs young leaders like yourself to continue that revolution. I am pleased to welcome a man of such character and integrity into our movement.

As our Party faces the critical 1996 elections, we will need your talents and energy more than ever. I know that I don't need to tell you about the Democrat's way of doing business in our state. You have learned first-hand how the Democrats treat the people of California.

Great Republican leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Phil Gramm and Jean Kirkpatrick have all had the courage to leave the Democratic Party for the GOP. I commend you on your courage and wish you the best of success in our Party. Once again, welcome to the GOP."

-- John S. Herrington, Chairman: CA Republican Party
*Note: The Hon. John Herrington was Secretary of Energy under President Reagan

"The gloom of a terrible election for our team should not darken the outstanding record of public service that you compiled over years of dedication to the People of California.

Along with all your friends, I join in congratulating you on the exceptional work you performed and express my sorrow at your electoral loss on November 8. That loss is most unfortunate for all Californians as it certainly is for you."

--The Hon. John Garamendi, CA Insurance Commissioner, November 17, 1994.
Note: Mr. Garamendi was Under-Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Interior 1995-98, and is the current Lt. Governor of California.

"In his capacity as Chairman of Californian's for an Accountable Legislature, Mr. Ramirez has demonstrated strong leadership abilities and a willingness to pursue his cause with persistance and determination. He is intelligent, thoughtful, and possesses a genuine desire to serve."

--The Hon. Curt Pringle, Speaker of the CA Assembly 1995-1996

"Andrew has demonstrated outstanding leadership and determination on the CA Reform Act Initiative of 1996 and the support committee for the initiative, Californian's for an Accountable Legislature."

--The Hon. Raymond N. Haynes, CA Senate Republican Whip, May 09, 1997

"I have been personally acquainted with Mr. Ramirez for over 5 years. I know him to be of good moral character and committed to the betterment of our community. He is dedicated to helping our community and believes that serving will allow him the opportunity to be of even greater service to our city, county and state.

Mr. Ramirez has been active in Republican politics and judicial elections. Consistently, whenever Mr. Ramirez has undertaken any responsibility, he has fulfilled it to the best of his ability and consistently outperforms all expectations. I am certain that Mr. Ramirez will carry his ability and dedication through to his commitment to serve with distinction."

--The Hon. Patrick Murphy, Presiding Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Courts, June 17, 1997

"Mr. Ramirez has distinguished himself in business political activities and community service. I am sure he would enter his duties with integrity, leadership, loyalty and an attitude of public service."

--The Hon. Thomas McClintock, CA Republican Assembly Whip, April 14, 1997

"Active in Republican ranks, Andrew is working to advance principles such as lower taxes and reduced government regulation. I recommend Andrew Ramirez and urge you to give him serious consideration."

--The Hon. Fred Aguiar, Speaker Pro-Tempore, CA State Assembly 1995-1996

"Andrew M. Ramirez has the qualifications and personal characteristics that would cause anyone to give him a strong recommendation. I observed him as a public interest advocate at Sacramento when I was with the CA State Community College Chancellor's Office. Andy would bring energy, youth, and enthusiasm to any appointment you would make and I recommend Andrew M. Ramirez without reservation."

--James A. Albanese, Ed.D., Vice President, Mt. San Antonio College

"Mr. Ramirez is an energetic self-actualizer who is also prudent and self-disciplined. I am impressed with his organizational skills. Although he has firm beliefs, he is flexible and can adapt to new ideas that are sensible and practical. He is always eager to learn. I admire his leadership ability. He is articulate, congenial, and helpful.

Most important, Mr. Ramirez never fails to display the highest level of integrity. He is trustworthy, loyal, and intelligent.

Mr. Ramirez's active leadership and experience have taught him the excellent management skills of organization and the ability of evaluating programs. He willingly contributes may hours to insue the success of the various activities in which he participates. He will serve well and benefit the People of California."

-- The Hon. June Wentworth, Mayor, City of Walnut, CA

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