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The Andy Ramirez Show is the serum for the lack of facts the MSM has long failed to provide you. My experience comes from extensive Congressional and national news media appearances as a certified expert on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. In sum I have exposed documented corruption from the California State House to the White House since 1992. Just as with my investigative work and media appearances, I don't play BS or political correctness games, or hold back. Just as how I played ice hockey, it's all out, full throttle, and unleashed. Step into the 'Sin Bin' with me... Andy

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Show 43, Andy interviews Ryan Bahl from HockeyAntarctica.com - They talk hockey, and about Ryan's efforts to bring the greatest sport back to its' roots, the great outdoors in a way never before done. That's right, the coldest place on Earth, Antarctica. This is a fun interview, something that can be enjoyed by the entire family. (10/14/16)


Show 42, Hour 2 - Andy interviews Stand-Up Comic, Podcaster, and friend, Sabrina Souiri about the world of stand-up comedy and touring. We specifically talk about her 1-time brother in law, the late legendary Sam Kinison, Rodney Dangerfield, and many others. We also talk about her upcoming podcast Dealing With Las Vegas, and much more... (10/02/16)


Show 42 Hour 1 - Andy interviews longtime friend and attorney Steve Cohen about the Criminal Justice System; FBI Director and former U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Comey, and so much more... (10/2/16)


Show 42 Preview- Andy provides a Special Preview of his 2nd Annual International Podcast Day Show Preview including a sneak preview of 2 of the guests. Should be a lot of fun... (9/26/16)


Episode 41 - Special Guest: Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army, Retired, and Veteran of the Vietnam War shares his observations of what is happening around the world. He comments on the Obama Administration, their policies, and the infiltration by the enemy. Gen. Vallely discusses policy suggestions the result of 32 years served as a commissioned officer who has seen it all. We also get into some historical terrorism issues. It's a great first of many appearances by General Vallely on the show. (6/15/16)


Episode 40 - Special Guest: Alex Newman, Journalist, Author, and longtime friend visits the show. We talk about a violation of the U.S. Constitution by a Federal Court Judge. We also discuss the unrest across Europe and the Middle East, Obama's "Refugees", Globalism, the UN and EU, and much much more. (5/13/16)


Episode 39 - Special Guest: Former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, 113th Congress, and a Veteran of the Vietnam War as well as Iraq and the Gulf War gives us more inside looks at the Congress. He also addresses some ideas to help our Veterans. We get into another court case that clearly violates the Constitution that resulted in unfair imprisonment on a U.S. Citizen. We also look into his future plans. It's the same frustration so many Americans feel, and from a leader who fought it from the inside. (5/10/16)


Episode 38 - Special Guest: Mike Walters, Founder of DucksNPucks.com - We talk about all things hockey. Starting with the Anaheim Ducks, we address the San Diego Gulls, players, toughness, and the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs. It's an inside look from the fans perspective from Mike who has (what I believe is) the top Anaheim Ducks fan site, and fellow podcaster. (4/16/16)


Episode 37 - Special Guest: Jamie, Andy's beautiful wife, makes her 1st appearance on the show. They talk education, and the near tragedy that became their miracle. You see it was earlier this year that Jamie suffered multiple cardiac arrests. Due to the rescue efforts of Andy and some special friends from our local police and fire departments, Jamie regained a heart beat. Ultimately, given no chance to survive, Jamie did just that due to the Hand of God. This show is very special as you hear from our miracle girl herself who continues to recover. We also talk about the importance of why everyone must Learn CPR. It's a very special show you do not want to miss. Dedicated to everyone involved in Jamie's rescue and care! Glory to God! (04/12/16)


Episode 36, Hour 1 - Special Guest: Brad Nickell, LVPD Officer and Author of the book Repeat Offender. We discuss Brad's book, his career with the Las Vegas PD, Brad's amazing USAF stories, and so much more. (02/08/16)


Episode 36, Hour 2 - Special Guest: Clint Didier, Two Time Super Winner. We discuss the recent Super Bowl 50, 2016 Hall of Fame Class, faith, politics, and Clint's investigation into the Oregon - BLM incident including the murder of Lavoy Finnicum. What Clint learned about the BLM infringement and the assassination of Lavoy is disturbing and sickening! (02/08/16)


Episode 35 - Andy is back for 2016 after a health hiatus AND is pissed off. Andy talks Obama, Congress, the Constitution, Sports Concussions, Recent WWE HOF News, and much more (01/14/16)


Episode 34 - Special Guest: U.S. Rep Tom Tancredo and I talk terrorism, refugees, the Obama Administration, Congress, and Tom takes questions from my listeners on Pearl Harbor Day, Dec 7th - 74th Anniversary. (12/07/15)


Episode 33 - Special Guest: Debbie Schlussel, conservative commentator, nationally recognized expert on ICE, and attorney, joins Andy to talk all things politics from conservativism, to the 2016 elections, Hitlery Rotten, Donald Trump including some advice, Obama and the destabilization of the Middle East. We also get into some of our legal cases and experiences, how DHS is undermining US National Security, Darrell Issa and the Congress, and so much more. (11/05/15)


Episode 32 - Special Guest: Former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio calls in to the show from the road as he walks and bikes from Detroit to Washington, D.C. fighting for Veterans Rights after decades of hearing DC's empty and broken promises. We also address Speaker Boehner’s resignation, how Boehner would cut deals with Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi as a move against Conservative Republican Members of Congress. It's yet another inside look at DC from the experience of a Congressman. The stories of what our own Veterans face is extremely powerful and I know you'll be as outraged as the Congressman and I are. (10/01/15)


Episode 31, Hour 1 - Special Guest: Hon. Arvin West, Sheriff of Hudspeth County, Texas. My friend of nearly a decade, Sheriff West, shares the reality of what is really happening out in the "Wild West" along the U.S. - Mexico Border. It's the kind of candid discussion between friends that you can't begin to imagine. Sheriff West and I share stories about how DHS has failed the American people, including some things we've witnessed together. Our stories will leave you demanding action to fix this mess. Note: You need to listen to the West and Tancredo Interviews one after the other due to the content. (9/30/15)


Episode 31, Hour 2 - Special Guest: Alex Newman, Author of Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children, talk about a number of UN Based Global Initiatives covering education - including Communist Core, one world government, and so much more. We also talk about some of the stories we've covered for The New American Magazine, stories that are documented and leave you appalled beyond your imagination. (9/30/15)


Episode 31, Hour 3 - Special Guest: U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, retired Congressman and one-time former Presidential Candidate makes his 2nd appearance on the show. We talk about the Speaker Boehner resignation, and share stories about trips to the borders, including one he had with Sheriff Arvin West. We talk about how Washington, DC and the Congress has failed the American people. Our utter dismay with the GOP, which has become the Democrat-Lite Party. Some of the inside stories will leave you in tears laughing while others will leave you as frustrated as the Congressman and I equally are. Note: You need to listen to the West and Tancredo Interviews one after the other due to the content. (9/30/15)


Episode 31, Hour 4 - Special Guest: Steven M. Cohen, Co-Counsel of my non-profit org, the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, and the attorney who successfully won the 1st political prosecution by the Bush 43 Administration, U.S. vs. Robert Rhodes III. We discuss some landmark cases, which were based on prosecutorial abuse, political intrigue and agendas, while violating the rights of our own first responders and government informants. In fact, my work in documenting the West Texas area i.e. the Infamous Johnny Sutton former U.S. Attorney actually led to Steve and I along with a fellow reporter friend help an informant whose rights were violated in a way commonly associated with the Mexican and Cuban Governments. This is the House of Death case. You want to learn about the extent that the American Justice System has been destroyed beyond repair, our discussion defines this issue in a way you have not yet begun to imagine. Reads right out of the Twilight Zone, and countless Hollywood Movies. (9/30/15)


Episode 30 - Special Guest: Mike Walters, Founder of DucksNPucks. We talk about all things hockey. Starting with the Anaheim Ducks, we go around the NHL, the AHL, players, toughness, to potential Stanley Cup contenders. It's an inside look from the fans perspective including scoops from Mike who is a top Anaheim Ducks fan, web blogger, and fellow podcaster. (9/19/15)


Episode 29 - Special Guest: Glen Tate, Author of the 299 Days book series. In Hour One Glen and I discuss his 299 Days book series, the inspiration, and inside government corruption. We also share our respective experiences in California and Washington State. In Hour Two, I discuss the interview with Mr. Tate, the recent GOP Debate at the Reagan Library, and what all political campaign border plans fail to address. The interview with Glen Tate is unlike any you've heard before. (9/18/15)


Episode 28 - Special Guest: Clint Didier, Two Time Super Winner. We talk about his life, football career, faith, Washington State and DC politics, recent wildfires, and much more. This is the ultimate inspiring interview if you're a football fan, or cheer for the underdog. Clint is living proof of what hard work brings you. (9/13/15)


Episode 27-1, Special Guest - NYPD Commisssioner Bernard B. Kerik, Retired. In Hour One of the 9-11 Special, Andy and the Commissioner discuss the events of the 9-11 Attack on America and specifically New York City's World Trade Center from the initial crash into the World Trade Center, to managing the event, the collapse of the Twin Towers, and the aftermath. It's an overwhelming interview with Commissioner Kerik who provides such a vivid recollection that you can almost picture being there yourself. We discuss terrorism today, and so much more. You won't forget this interview... RIP to all first responders, members of our armed services, and civilians who perished that tragic day. (9/11/15)


Episode 27-2: Special Guest - Joan Molinaro, co-founder of the 9-11 Families for a Secure America but even more important, the Mom of FDNY Firefighter Carl Molinaro, Ladder 2. In Hour Two of the 9-11 Special, Andy discusses the events of the 9-11 Attack at the World Trade Center with Joan and gets her perspective of the events that day and afterwards as a mom. This interview is heartbreaking as you feel the pain when you listen to Joan talk about her son Carl, who was a true hero. Then we get into the 9-11 Commission, and events since that fateful and tragic day. Joan and I met through our working on Homeland Security issues and how to prevent future 9-11s. You won't forget this interview... RIP Carl and everyone at Ladder 2. (9/11/15)


Episode 26: Special Guest - U.S. Rep Kerry Bentivolio, a former Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee joins Andy. We discuss corruption in DC, his deep respect for Border Patrol agents, and how accountability is non-existent in our government. It's amazing candor and directness from a Conservative who was targeted from Day 1 by the GOP Establishment (9/2/15)


Episode 25: Andy's Special Guest: Lt. Commander John G. Richardson, USNR-Retired. Lt. Cmdr Richardson is a DHS whistleblower who has appeared before Congress. In the first part of this two part interview, we discuss military issues, how veterans are treated by DHS, and enter the world of endless corruption along with security compromises inside DHS. (8/19/15)


Episode 24: Andy's Special Guest: Ray Ortega, Pro Podcast Producer. We go behind the mic in the world of podcasting. What it takes to podcast, format, mics, mixers, videotaping, and everything you would need to start your own show. In fact, Ray has helped me with many of these very things and saved me a world of mistakes. (8/15/15)


Episode 23: Andy's Special Guest: Mychal Massie, Syndicated Columnist. We talk about the Obamas, Race Baiting, Obama's Appointees including Eric Holder and the Supreme Court, the 2016 Elections, and Fox News. (8/14/15)


Episode 22: Special Guest: The Honorable Tom Tancredo, U.S. Representative, Retired. We talk about the GOP, Congress, the Exec Branch, and not only his campaign in 2008 for President, but the 2016 elections. (8/13/15)


Episode 21: Dedicated to Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rasslin ICON; What Hot Rod and Dusty Rhodes Meant to Rasslin; Andy's Recent Health Hiatus and Updates, Summer of Politics; Judge Gohmert on Impeachment; Schools Opening in Summer Is A Bad Idea (8/03/15)


Episode 20: Andy On Free Speech - Denied to Those Fitting Agenda; Eradication of History; The Hypocrisy of Petraeus Coverage vs Hitlery Rotten Clinton; John Boehner IS the Willie Brown of the GOP; DemonRats and RINOs Equal The Growth On the People; Obama Administration's Agenda is Absolutely Clear; Donald Trump Was Spot On; National Primary Call (6/30/15)


Episode 19: Andy Reboots the Show after lengthy illness; Karl Rove Wants to Repeal the 2nd Amendment; Border Patrol Union Demands Policy Changes; Knee-Jerk GOP; Collusion; What America Faces (6/23/15)


Episode 18: Andy Reviews Avengers 2; Rep. Jordan on the Ex-Im Bank and why it should expire; Rep Gohmert on Jade Helm; Rand Paul on Immigration; DACA Website; US-Mexico-NAU (5/6/15)


Episode 17: Latest Sports Concussion News, Ryan Committee Approves Fast Track aka TPA, RINO Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch As Atty Gen., Sens Lee, Scott, and Cruz Statements (4/24/15)


Episode 16: Hitlery Rotten Clinton; Jeb Bush Endorses Loretta Lynch for AG; GOP Candidates On Amnesty; MX Illegal Alien Stole USBP Agents Identity; DHS launches Family Reunification; ICE Director Saldana appears before House Approps Committee; Rep. John Culberson's Response; Senator Jeff Sessions, America An Oligarchy? (4/21/15)


Episode 15: News Roundup - Obama's Latest Liberty Grab, Jeb Bush - Hispanic, CBP Commish - Border Surge Not A Security Issue, Judge Hanan Update, CCIME Recruiting Americans to Serve Mexico (4/10/15)


Episode 14: Andy Interviews Mike Walters at DucksNPucks.com and we talk about #NHLDucks and all things hockey, including a 2015 Playoff Preview (4/01/15)


Episode 13: Andy Outlines GOP POTUS Candidates, The Hillary Server Compared to Nixon Tapes, Carly Fiorina on Illegal Immigration, New Hockey Helmet Concussion Study from VA Tech, and Suit Shows NCAA Infractions Committee Bias Against USC Football (3/30/15)


Episode 12: Andy Interviews Dave Stoddard, retired Supervisory Border Patrol Agent for a no holds barred review of the Border Patrol from Legacy to CBP (3/25/15)


Episode 11: CTE/Concussions NFL Update, Jeb Bush's Questionable Contacts, Media Hypocrisy, DHS Releases 30K Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2014, Andy rips and shreds ICE Management, CBP Lies and Gag Order, Obama Retaliates Against BP Agents For Apprehending Illegals, and a Classic Movie Review (3/19/15)


Episode 10: LAPD Officers Targeted and Shot in LA, Admiral Mullen on Meet The Press, BS from the HuffPost, Senator Cotton on Face the Nation, Chuck Todd Interviews Trey Gowdy, Obama and More on Ferguson MO, Loretta Lynch Going to be Confirmed by Democrat Lite RINOs (3/16/15)


Episode 9: Andy Analyzes Holder's Ferguson MO Presser, Obama's Endless Race Baiting, Anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party, Abolish the IRS, the FCC Wants Your Dough Too, White House vs GOP 47 on Iran (3/12/15)


Episode 8: Andy addresses technology in schools, P.M. Netanyahu's Speech & what he didn't address, then shreds Boehner & GOP Leadership Amnesty (3/6/15)


Episode 7: Andy calls BS on a recent NHL Trade, celebrates USA Gold Medal Win at Lake Placid 1980 (the Finland Game), hammers Congress/Media propaganda over Funding DHS & the Loretta Lynch AG Nomination... (2/28/15)


Episode 6: Andy shreds DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Responds to a Question on Campaigns, & Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the 1980 Miracle On Ice (2/22/15)


Episode 5: Andy spends the whole show discussing the 50 page Obama Amnesty Timeline published by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (2/19/15)


Episode 4: Andy talks more on concussions due to death of a hockey player, technology update, & why House GOP has failed to do their job contrary to Boehner's stated belief (2/15/15)


Episode 3: Andy talks the facts about the endless tech buys, and Obama's Hotlines for Illegals (2/12/15)


Episode 2: Andy talks the facts about concussions (CTE) & Obama's Foreign Policy (2/9/15)


Andy's Show Launch: What the show's about, how to participate, & some DC political news (2/8/15)


The Andy Ramirez Show Promo (2/7/15)


Andy's JBS Keynote Border Security & Immigration Speech: Theater & Misinformation (1/23/15)


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