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House Ethics Complaint
re: Silvestre Reyes

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Andy's Latest News The Andy Ramirez Show is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, and here at AndyRamirez.com. We're up to 12 episodes, with two new shows posted each week. My show launched on Feb. 7, 2015. After having been a guest expert on tv, talkradio, and newspapers across America, and given the facts we do not see on the news, I decided the time had come to create and do my own show. The Andy Ramirez Show is for the working guy/gal, unemployed who want to work, disabled, veterans, active duty, first responders, patriots, etc... people who want to get America back on the path that made America great. The politicians have derailed us, it's our job to get American back on track, which we can do. Come join the conversation... Click on the show link to hear the episodes, which are regularly updated. I use the "AR" logo for my updates in my news scroller above, as well as the Andy/Mic graphic for my TNA stories.

Andy's Welcome Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting my official website at AndyRamirez.com. I have had an interesting life, and my battles have gone from the California State House to the White House. I have achieved many accomplishments that cannot always be measured by materialistic things, or awards you can see. Some are those intangibles happening behind the scenes that the public does not often hear about. I've reorganized my site, updated and consolidated content, and have added my new podcast, The Andy Ramirez Show. The reports section features commentaries and official testimony I've presented before Congress. The press clippings and photo albums cover my 22+ years in politics. At my issues section you can learn my thoughts on a number of issues, not covered by my FAQ Section. I'm certain you'll find my site to be a lot more informative and interactive.

I began investigating border security in 2004 and defending agents in 2006. After launching FOBP in 2004, I founded the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council (LEOAC) to meet the challenges of today that grew beyond FOBP. I serve as President of LEOAC, and our primary mission is to advocate, educate, and litigate (where necessary) on behalf of law enforcement officers defending America for the betterment of the community. Visit AdvocatesCouncil.us to learn more.

As a law enforcement advocate, I traveled across America investigating U.S. National Security, seeking ways to improve border security, and examining what I came to call the "Bush War on Law Enforcement". This war has continued under Obama. We exposed corruption and collusion within our government, which the Congress has done absolutely nothing to put an end to as countless key players remain insulated in management positions. We never intended to be "Defenders of the Border Patrol", but as time passed we had to evolve to meet our new challenges, which we did. I have also discovered a pattern of abuse of power by prosecutors in the cases of Mohr, Sipe, Brugman, Rhodes, Ramos, Compean, Crawford, Hernandez, Chito Diaz, and countless others. To date, only Rhodes and Sipe have been acquitted while the rest have been victimized by our own government who suborned perjury in many instances while protecting lawbreakers. Of the cases I've worked or observed there is no doubt that Sipe, Brugman, Rhodes, Hernandez, and Chito Diaz did their jobs right while they all got hosed by the government considering the prosecutorial abuses that have been uncovered.

At my State Reform website you can learn about my previous proposed amendments to the California State Constitution, which overhauled the California State Constitution by providing a part-time Legislature, amended the State Budget process, as well as penalized State Legislators for failing to pass the State Budget per Constitutional deadlines. You can also read about my previous amendments through the eyes of the media. I am proud of my work there as it built my record as a leader fighting the status quo by making government accountable to the public. My legislation would have saved millions of dollars annually as written in the summary analysis by the State of California.

God Bless You and the United States of America, and again, thank you for visiting my site -- Andy.

Vonnette Photo
In memory of my beloved "Vonnette"
March 14, 1987-June 27, 1998

*Site last updated on March 25, 2015*
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